What is Haco?

Haco is Open Space

  • Haco entrance
  • Haco entrance
  • Inside of Haco

Haco is a free open space for gay men, bisexual men and sexual minorities.

How to use Haco

Haco is open space so you can use it freely! And even if it is told ...
So, for example ...

  • Chatting with friends
  • Meeting with your friends
  • To shelter from rain
  • Enjoy tea time slowly
  • Eat lunch box
  • Charge the smartphone
  • To read a book slowly
  • Homework, studying
  • A little work
  • To blur
  • Use a toilet
  • Find information on AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases
Join the Haco event
  • Inside of Haco
  • Photo Shooting event Hacosha
  • Ikebana Lesson SIHTA

18:00 ~ 22:00

Thu. ~ Sun.
(except last Sun. of the month)


Sumiyoshi Bus Stop (Nishitetsu Bus), 2 ~ 3min. on foot.


Everlife Sumiyoshi 1F, 4-4-21 Sumiyoshi, Hakataku-Ku, Fukuoka City